My name is Patty Hanson, I’m an aging life care professional, a licensed professional counselor, managing director and co-owner of IKOR of Western Pennsylvania.

Since 2011, I’ve been leading a team of registered nurse patient advocates, personal needs coordinators, and financial advocates as we navigate and assist elders, individuals with disabilities, and children with special needs with life management services and advocacy.

In your estate planning council, you should always also prepare from a care perspective. 

Most people think that the most important estate planning document is your will. Yes, you need to have a will to determine what happens upon your death. But in my work day to day, I’m concerned with helping people to live well with dignity. And I find that when someone has not planned well for aging by completing a power of attorney, or a living will, their lives can become complicated and messy. 

We also work with our clients at IKOR to prepare a paper known as the Five Wishes document. The Five Wishes document is a foundational document that outlines your psychological, emotional, and spiritual requirements, as well as your medical wishes in the event that you become gravely ill. This paper is recognized as a legal document in a number of jurisdictions, including Pennsylvania.

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