Caring for an aging family member, for an adult with disabilities, or planning for the future of your child with special needs, once you’re no longer able to care for them, is a concern for many families.

Families contact us to help manage medical appointments, deliver in-home care services, coordinate and oversee home repair and many other areas. Our professionals address these needs for your loved ones in person and through emerging life care technology. This technology helps us to stay connected and support your loved ones to maintain their safety and give you peace of mind. Our personalized service options can meet almost any need.

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How we work depends on how the individual is functioning in their environment.  If we’re not helping someone plan for the future, our process usually begins with an assessment to understand the individual client’s situation. We need to understand the level of functioning and the client’s current support network, as well as their medical needs, their current medications, and providers. The assessment process involves interviewing the individual, gathering relevant medical records, developing an individualized action plan, and discussing the options with anyone involved in the care.

Through our assessment process, a Life Management Advocacy Plan (LMAP) is developed based on individual circumstances. We have several assessment tools that we use based on the individual’s unique needs, and we continue to assess the needs as we support the individual’s ongoing circumstance. The Life Management Advocacy Plan (LMAP) is updated at least yearly and evolves in consultation with client, family and other professionals who are involved with the client as the situation develops.

Families most often come to us for help with one or more of the following activities:

  • Medical or Disability Advocacy, Medication, Health & Wellness and Disability, Medical Power of Attorney with a family member to support family members who live at a distance
  • Technology to support extending independence and improving safety for the family across town or around the world
  • Crisis Intervention or Hospital Discharge Planning and execution
  • Cognitive Assessment, Support, and Oversight
  • Visits to Care Communities to address quality of care
  • Financial – Daily Money Management/Routine Bill Payment, support for a family member with Durable Power of Attorney 
  • Environmental Areas, Housing, Home Maintenance, Safety, Mobility and Modifications
  • Aging in Place with a Plan Assessment and Planning
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When you work with us you can expect:

A professional, trusted and reliable presence — We work to support your loved one’s best interest, build trust, inter-connection, and instill confidence by being a reliable presence in good times and in hard times.

Confidentiality We work to earn your loved one’s trust. We recognize that we are involved in the most intimate details of their life. We go out of our way to ensure your confidentiality, and privacy.

Innovation focused on results — Often care related service providers focus on how they’ve always done it. Many providers want your loved one to fit into the way they operate, sometimes they do have to adjust to a different way of doing things, but not always. We know how public programs and systems work and we use our experience to make programs work better for your family members individuals needs when possible. Our IKOR of Western Pennsylvania team is known for creating results through innovation in our work and in our programs and when services can adjust to your loved ones needs and expectations. 

Organizational and personal accountability — We strive to create and work culture that is transparent and accountable to the families of those we support. Through our web based Datikor 2.0 system, our invoices and notes, and our conversations are specific and detailed focusing on transparency in every interaction when the client themselves approves or when a family member is a power of attorney.

Collaboration — We work to leverage collective genius among our team, and families whose loved ones’ we support. We work to create teamwork among all stakeholders and mediate conflicts.

Commitment to your best interest — We support a fiduciary level of care. We work in unison with any other professionals and those your loved one designates while always keeping your best interests the main focus of any discussions or activity.

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