In response to the extraordinary challenges of the coronavirus pandemic we’re here and passionate about supporting our community. We are open for business, our team members are working virtually from home. Our office phone system is forwarding all calls to our cell phones and we are working on our company laptops. 

If you need assistance supporting a senior or an adult with disabilities during the COVID19 pandemic, please do not hesitate to call our office. We’re happy to help. 

Below is a presentation that you can download on ways to support seniors and adults with disabilities. There are comprehensive local resources included in the presentation, but we’re here to answer questions and offer guidance.


For Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities


For Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities


For Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities


For Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities


For Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities


For Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities

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Our Mission

To facilitate client-centered advocacy support that enhances quality of life, and improves dignity in planning, assuring safety, and caring for anyone facing aging or disability-related concerns. Our team members work collaboratively using our multi-disciplinary skills, to create comprehensive, innovative, integrated programs and services that leverage technology and use of digital tools to drive a dramatic transformation in the lives of older adults, adults with disabilities, and children with special needs.  

This chart displays the services that IKOR offers in Southwestern Pennsylvania and the approach in which IKOR takes to provide the services

IKOR Life Management Services is a client-centered approach to assist in planning, assuring safety, dignity, and caring for anyone facing aging or disability-related concerns.

A collaborative approach leads to clarity in the next steps, with the goal of ensuring quality care and optimal life.  Your team will include registered nurses (RN Patient Advocates), social workers/licensed professional counselors (Personal Need Coordinators) as well as professionals who have experience in legal and financial practices (Financial Advocates). Our team members combine their knowledge to address the care and routine living concerns of our clients.


Our support helps to reduce worry, stress, and to limit the time-consuming research and the interpersonal conflict that comes with not knowing how to proceed.

A Fiduciary Standard of Care is followed in all circumstances: which means all recommendations are based on the best interest of the client.  We find that as we focus on a client’s best interest, family dynamics get resolved. We are an unbiased third party who does not accept referral fees.


We were receiving calls from the community from professionals, individuals, and families, asking us how to best support seniors and adults with disabilities during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Our team worked to create this comprehensive presentation on Best Practices in medical, psychosocial, environmental, and financial areas of life with resources for our region. Attached is a copy of the presentation that we presented on March 26, 2020. If you need assistance supporting a senior or an adult with disabilities during the COVID19 pandemic, please do not hesitate to call our office. We are open for business, and we are working from home, our office phone system is forwarding calls to our cell phones. You can also email each us through our “Contact Us” page. STAY WELL.

Click Here to Download the Presentation

How Can We Help Support You?

Medical Advocacy and Life Management

Through our Life Management Advocacy Plans, IKOR Advocates are able to gain a comprehensive view of our client’s life and make objective recommendations to help them maintain or improve their quality of life.

Disability Advocacy

Our goal is to understand the client’s needs, obtain the best possible care, educate families, and alter living arrangements, when necessary,
to provide the client with the best opportunity for success. We act as mental health advocates, physical limitation advocates and intellectual disability advocates.

Fiduciary Services

IKOR operates in a fiduciary capacity. We are fully insured through Lloyds of London and carry all General Liability and Fiduciary Business coverage. We are also bondable and we utilize employees exclusively to handle business affairs, never independent contractors.

Life Care Planning

This service is facilitated by a Certified Life Care Planner or a Certified Nurse Life Care Planner. It is supported by a team of highly skilled professionals who are specialists in implementing life care plans and life management services for seniors & disabled individuals with and without catastrophic injuries and illnesses.

Concierge Services

As we support our clients with IKOR Life Management Services, we know that long before someone needs assistance with caring for themselves, with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s), they tend to have trouble navigating some of the of their Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL’s).

Life Enhancement Specialists

The services provided by our Life Enhancement Specialist do not include any personal care activities. IKOR Life Enhancement Specialists focus more on Instrumental Activities of Daily Living that are not already addressed by our IKOR Advocacy team or other service providers like Home Care.

How We Differ From Other Care Providers

How We Differ From Other Care Providers

How We Differ From Other Care Providers

How We Differ From Other Care Providers

Who We Support

IKOR helps Legal, Financial and Medical Professionals support their clients' best interest image


As a trusted advisor to seniors, individuals with disabilities, and their families, eventually most professionals reach a point when they recognize they are at the limit of their expertise. Working with IKOR of Western Pennsylvania you can stay within your areas of expertise and rely on our professional team to help you meet the care and routine living concerns that your clients bring to you.
IKOR helps individuals age in place in Pittsburgh PA image


For single seniors who don’t have children, or couple’s whose children live at a distance, they can feel vulnerable without support as they age. From routine bill pay to helping you plan for long term care and safety, our services have brought immeasurable peace of mind to individuals throughout Western Pennsylvania.
IKOR helps families care for their loved ones through technology for seniors image


Families contact us to help manage medical appointments, to support and coordinate the deliver in-home care services, to coordinate and oversee home maintance and repair, and many other areas. Parents with Adult Children with Disabilites come to us for planning and assistance for when they aren’t able to provide the care required. Our professionals address these needs for your loved ones in person and through emerging life care technology.

Case Studies

Helping Professionals

Client Summary: Erica is a 57-year-old single woman, living alone, with Schizoaffective Disorder, and diabetes. Erica’s Trustee worries she might be vulnerable in a mental health emergency or that she could become a victim of undue influence. Erica doesn’t have a close family member to support her.

Helping Individuals

Client Summary: Charlene is a 78-year-old widow who recognizes an executive functioning problem as she is trying to downsize her home. She’s not sure how to address her concerns. She has children, her daughter lives in Columbus, and her son lives in Ontario, Canada but she doesn’t want to be a burden to them.

Helping Families

Client Summary: Carl is an 87-year-old widower who lives alone in a rather large home. Carl thinks he’s doing well, but he needs help with paying bills. Carl’s son lives in the Washington DC area and agrees Carl needs help paying bills and doing his taxes. His son is concerned that he won’t be able to get to his father in an emergency.

IKOR is a logical endeavor for Patty [IKOR's Managing Director]. It is truly a calling for her and is intrinsic to her belief in a person's dignity.

Our Team Members Participate in the Following Organizations