Case Study: How We Help Individuals

Client Summary

Charlene is a 78-year-old widow who recognizes an executive functioning problem as she is trying to downsize her home. She’s not sure how to address her concerns. She has children, her daughter lives in Columbus, and her son lives in Ontario, Canada but she doesn’t want to be a burden on them.


Charlene’s financial advisor called IKOR to ask for guidance about Charlene’s recent hospitalization. Charlene is expressing concern over her mental cognition. Her financial advisor describes a recent admission to the hospital where Charlene was found wondering five miles from her home and she could not find her car. It was discovered at the hospital that Charlene has a common medical concern that is being treated with vitamin supplements. Charlene reports her doctor has addressed her cognitive concerns through a mini-mental assessment.  Based on her congnitive concerns, she has decided to rent a two-bedroom apartment in an independent living community. The Financial Advisor doesn’t feel that what Charlene is reporting is adding up, and he’s concerned the she might be considered vulnerable based on new financial industry regulatory changes. The Financial Advisor calls Charlene’s daughter and IKOR to consult with Charlene.  Charlene decides that she wants to maintain her independence and not worry her children, she begins working with IKOR to address her cognitive concerns and to support her.  Charlene has asked to IKOR to work with her children who live at a distance, and involve them when Charlene needs more than routine support.


  •  The IKOR RN Advocate schedules a full neuropsychological assessment and medical evaluations for cognitive functioning for Charlene through a geriatric clinic.
  • The IKOR RN recommends and helps Charlene to enroll in a program near her independent living apartment that promotes overall health and wellness of older adults. This program helps to optimize her level of cognitive, social, and physical functioning. They also do a comprehensive cognitive assessment every six months so any changes in cognition will be monitored and documented allowing her to have ongoing support for her mild cognitive impairment.
  • Charlene decides to attend the program three days each week to help her to improve or maintain her cognitive functioning.
  • Charlene is concerned about being a burden on her children and appreciates that the IKOR RN can step in and support her and help her children understand her care needs.
  • The IKOR RN works with Charlene’s Primary Care Doctor to understand her medical history and attends her follow up appointments and reports to Charlene’s children while helping Charlene understand her medical status and treatment.
  • The IKOR RN Advocate and Charlene work to understand the neuropsychological assessment and talk with her Primary Care Doctor about medications and best practices for the diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment.
  •  The IKOR Personal Needs Coordinator and Concierge work to get the house cleaned out, and the storage unit secured based on what Charlene requests to hlelp get her house on the market.
  • The IKOR Financial Advocate helps to create a budget for care with the Financial Advisor and supports in routine Financial Matters that the family doesn’t have time to address.
  • IKOR is listed on Durable and Medical Power of Attorney Documents with Charlene’s Children to be able to act in an emergency when the family can’t be available to support from a distance.  Even when a family member is acting as Power of Attorney, IKOR can act in a Life Care Management role, with a family member who lives across town or across the country without acting as Power of Attorney.

Disclaimer: This case study is a combination of several clients IKOR has supported to maintain the privacy of our client. It does not include the exact details of how we have helped clients like Charlene. If you would like to understand more specific information about how IKOR has supported the care of clients like Charlene please call our office to schedule a no-cost consultation.



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