Did you know that IKOR of Western Pennsylvania gives 10% of their yearly net income back to the community in Pro Bono services?

Serving our communities has always been a core value of IKOR of Western Pennsylvania. Since 2011 we have navigated care and routine living concerns for thousands of clients in our region. Aging Care issues, Disability, mental health concerns, and supporting children with special needs can be complicated and time-consuming. Navigating care can be overwhelming for Individuals, Families, and Professionals alike. For this reason, IKOR of Western Pennsylvania gives 10% of its yearly net income back to the community in Pro Bono services.

Our Team knows how care, medical, legal and financial areas of life intersect. We know how and where to get care-related services to improve our clients’ dignity and quality of life. We are knowledgeable about the programs of care offered by Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Benefits Programs, and statewide specialized programs for those with disabilities, mental health, and catastrophic injuries, including traumatic brain injuries. We recognize the stress that impacts family caregivers, and often a complimentary consultation is all that someone needs to solve their problems.

We recognize that our services can benefit those who do not have the financial resources to hire a Care Manager or Advocate to support them. Our pro-bono program is available to support those who might not have the resources to hire a Care Manager or Advocate. Our ongoing relationships with local care providers and statewide programs of care can helps help families and other professionals to navigate care and routine living concerns quickly and efficiently.

We see our business as a resource for the community first, and because of that, finding new clients takes care of itself. When clients in our care spend down on their resources and can no longer pay for our services, we offer pro bono services and continue to support them and their best interests. Our robust and eclectic pro bono program enables professionals, individuals, and families to access our knowledge and experience by calling or emailing our office to schedule a consulting meeting. We offer up to three complimentary phone consultations to anyone who calls into our office looking for help. We offer guidance, direction, and resources through our complimentary phone consultations or in one in-person meeting. Our passion for our work also plays out in that our team members participate in helping less advantaged individuals in our community.

We have ongoing pro bono projects covering an extensive array of issues. We are continually starting new projects to match the interests of our Team to support our community members. Our Pro-bono work provides a meaningful experience for our team members and builds goodwill and satisfaction in the communities we serve.

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