Caring Advocates supporting seniors and the disabled with Instrumental Activities of Daily Living that are not covered by other service providers.

As we support our clients with IKOR Life Management Services, we know that long before someone needs assistance with caring for themselves, with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s), they tend to have trouble navigating some of the of their Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL’s). Instrumental Activities of Daily living include:

  • Arranging for cleaning and maintaining the home
  • Moving within the community
  • Preparing meals
  • Shopping for groceries and necessities
  • Using the telephone or having access to another form of communicatio
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Home Care Organization often receive calls for these types of services that request infrequent or one-time visits with short time frames. Within the Home Care business model, it’s usually difficult to offer support with these types of requests. IKOR Concierge Services are designed to fill in the gaps addressing needs around Instrumental Activities of Daily Living that are not already provided for by Home Care Organizations or within IKOR Life Management Services.

IKOR Concierge Services supports Seniors and those with disabilities who need additional help or oversight in areas that often go unaddressed until there is a crisis or assistance is needed with self-care around activities of daily living. 

IKOR Concierge Services address occasional or periodic needs that home care providers are not able to provide. IKOR Concierge Services supports the needs of those who are not quite ready for in-home or compassion care but might need a little assistance with routine tasks. IKOR Concierge Services are designed to support with but are not limited to the following:

  • Non-Medical appointment scheduling and reminder services*
  • Reservations and travel arrangements
  • Drop off and pick up automobiles/dry cleaning/library books
  • Running errands
  • Grocery shopping or pick up groceries Curb Side
  • Use of technology training & support
  • Personal shopping
  • Packaging, shipping, gift wrapping
  • Oversite of home cleaning, lawn services, maintenance, and repairs*
  • Organize maintenance and cleaning of vehicles*
  • Walk and “taxi” your pets to veterinarian or grooming appointments
  • Seasonal services— decorating for holidays
  • Home organization
  • Coordination of transportation
  • Dining out and entertainment companionship
  • Waiting for deliveries, such as an appliance
  • Waiting for home repair and maintenance services, like a plumber
  • Waiting at service shop while vehicle is being serviced or repaired
  • Waiting in line to get tickets for events

Seniors and Families — Find Comfort in knowing that your loved one has someone to assist with oversight and to handle routine tasks that are not currently offered by other care providers. In addition to the IKOR Concierge, our IKOR team of Medical and Fiduciary Professionals are available to support with Life Management Services addressing medical and care-related concerns, support with paying bills, and resolving complex paperwork or complicated home maintenance issues as required.

For Professionals — Have Confidence in knowing that your clients have their needs covered with routine matters and the ability to have a comprehensive plan with the oversight of Medical and Fiduciary Professionals available to address complex needs as they arise.

*Complex Instrumental Activities of Daily Living, i.e., managing money, taking prescribed medications, medical care or dealing with larger home or automobile repairs are addressed by our highly skilled IKOR Life Management Professionals. Any financial, medical or activities related to taking prescribed medications are considered IKOR Life Management service and are completed by our Highly Skilled team of Life Management professionals.

*Concierge’s Services Team members are equivalent to those who provide home care and companion services and should not be confused with IKOR’s Life Management Services that are provided for by a team of professionals who specialize in Medical and Financial areas.

If you have questions about how our Concierge Services might best support a senior, an adult with disabilities, or a child with special needs in your life, CALL THE OFFICE today for a complimentary consultation to learn more about us.

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