IKOR Life Management Services is a client-centered approach to assist in planning and caring for anyone facing aging or disability-related concerns. Throughout our process we focus on creating a plan that helps clients maintain their dignity in whatever way they define the term. We support ongoing health or routine living concerns. IKOR Advocates help to support individualsfamily, and other professionals who are planning for or struggling with complex medical, psycho-social (social, mental health or cognitive), environmental, or financial areas of life. Our collaborative approach leads to clarity in the next steps and helps to establish actionable goals of care. This ensures quality care and an optimal life. Our support helps to reduce worry, stress, and the time-consuming research and interpersonal conflict that comes with not knowing how to proceed.

IKOR Life Management services are engaged to assist in a variety of areas, such as:

  • Assessment, goal setting, and monitoring
  • Planning and problem-solving
  • Education and advocacy
  • Family caregiver coaching
  • Daily Money Management (not financial planning)
  • Cost of Care and Planning for future needs

Our advocacy team works with our clients to monitor them in any setting that they live. Additionally, we recommend and use technologies to reduce risks and improve safety and security while preserving as much independence as possible based on the clients functional abilities. We leverage technology to allow our team to observe changes and potential risks related to safety, exploitation, or abuse. Our involvement puts professional eyes and ears on the care and routine living concerns of Seniors, Adults with Disabilities and Children with Special Needs where they live. We know what great care looks like. We know how to recognize predatory or neglectful care and how to get the support that is needed for care and routine living concerns of those we serve.

The IKOR Life Care Professional acts as the central point of contact keeping family members and other professionals informed as to the well-being and changing needs of the individual. We use all the standard business forms of communication, including email, fax, text, phone calls, video calls, and the use of our proprietary software, Datikor 2.0.

Yes, we provide information on Medicare programs that may meet an individual’s needs. In addition, we can help with finding income-eligible programs like Medicaid, Veterans Benefits, and Waiver Services through Federal, State, and local programs. We stay informed about the local and cost-effective resources that are offered and utilize these programs based on the client’s individual needs. We only provide non-duplicative services, and we’re known for innovative ways to approach complex circumstances. 

If you have serious concerns about a senior, or a disabled adult or child with special needs, IKOR Life Management services can provide needed insight and support. If you want to understand and make decisions around Long Term Care for yourself related to Aging in Place with a plan, IKOR can provide you education and planning insight into how your finances are related to care. If you want support and assistance to ensure safety, independence, and quality of life for yourself or someone who has no family nearby, IKOR Life Management Services can help. We are not a replacement for family, but we are someone on whom you can rely, who knows the systems and programs of care to advocate for you or someone you care for—a professional who knows how to determine needs and can link you to appropriate services for peace of mind and quality of life.

How we work depends on how the individual is functioning in their environment. If we’re not helping someone plan for the future, our process usually begins with an assessment to understand the clients individual situation. We need to understand the level of functioning and the clients current support network, as well as their medical needs, their current medications, and providers. The assessment process involves interviewing the individual, gathering relevant medical records, developing an individualized action plan, and discussing the options with anyone involved in the care.

Through our assessment process, A Life Management Advocacy Plan (LMAP) is developed based on individual circumstances. We have several assessment tools that we use based on the individual’s unique needs, and we continue to assess the needs as we support the individual’s ongoing circumstance. The Life Management Advocacy Plan (LMAP) is updated at least yearly, and evolves in consultation with client, family and other professionals who are involved with the client as the situation evolves.

No. Currently, care management fees are typically paid by the older adult, their estate, a family member, or other caregivers. Some long-term-care insurance policies will cover care management services. Additionally, some of our clients pay using a Supplemental or Special Needs Trust or funds for an enhanced quality of care through a trust. Our IKOR Advocates are highly skilled at supporting Special Needs Trust beneficiaries. Those who participate in the Planning for Dignity program to do pre-planning can pay a small amount monthly for future use in advance of needing IKOR Life Management services, and it can be applied to future services. Occasionally, some employers, through employer assistance programs (EAPs) are starting to value and include aging life care services. Ask your Long Term Care Insurance or employer to find out if you’re covered or eligible for coverage. Some services may be tax-deductible – check with your financial or tax advisor.

We hire highly skilled professionals as employees to deliver our services. You can review the individual credentials of each team member by reviewing our team on our website. In general, our team consists of highly skilled Registered Nurse Patient Advocates with experience working in diverse settings. Our RN Advocates have at least ten years of varied clinical experience and are assigned to our clients based on their experience. Our Personal Needs Coordinators come from social work or mental health backgrounds and support our clients in psychosocial, public programs, recreational activities, facilitating change, interpersonal interaction, and many other areas. Financial Advocates have financial experience in areas related to daily money management and insurance. Financial Advocates address routine financial areas, applying for Long Term Care Insurance, Medicaid, and Veteran’s benefits. Our concierge team and life enhancement specialists address routine matters that are difficult to support with other providers, like running personal errands and supporting with life skills. Our team members work collaboratively using their skills and experience to assist our clients in all aspects of their life.

Life Management Professionals can help you save time and money in several ways. First, they can help to plan effectively for the future and assist in avoiding a crisis. Crisis is complicated and expensive, so helping our clients avoid crisis is our highest priority. Second, Life Mangement Professionals can often arrange for services to be delivered in the home to help them to maintain independence as long as possible. Part of our planning process is recommending when it would be the most cost-effective to move to a community setting or group home. Third, because Life Management Professionals are aware of both the needs of the individual and the available resources, they can be efficient in matching service needs with appropriate agencies.

  • The person you are caring for has limited or no family support.
  • Your family has just become involved with helping the individual and needs direction about available services.
  • The person you are caring for has multiple medical or psychological issues.
  • The person you are caring for is unable to live safely in his/her current environment.
  • Your family is either “burned out” or confused about care solutions.
  • Your family has a limited time and/or expertise in dealing with chronic care needs.
  • Your family is at odds regarding care decisions.
  • The person you are caring for is not pleased with current care providers and requires advocacy.
  • The person you are caring for is confused about his/her own financial and/or legal situation.
  • Your family needs education and/or direction in dealing with behaviors associated with dementia.
  • While many of our IKOR Life Management clients are older adults, we also assist younger adults who face the challenges of disability or serious illness.

No, IKOR Life Management Professionals also support people who have:

  • Physical Disabilities
  • Developmental Disabilities, (e.g., Intellectual Disabilities, Down’s Syndrome, Autism, or Asperger’s Syndrome)
  • Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Chronic Health Concerns
  • Mental Health Problems
  • Chronic or Serious Illnesses of any type

IKOR Life Management Professionals can often help parents who are concerned about a young adult or middle-aged adult child with disabilities. Our life care professionals have experience and credentials to work with all ages. The life care professional conducts a comprehensive assessment and helps the family plan for the current and future needs of their adult child, through the life span.

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