Every day, 10,000 people turn 65 just in this country. By age 85, seniors are at the highest risk for disability, chronic diseases, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and heart attack. Statistics show there are more falls among the elderly in på den här sidan their 80s. The chance of cognitive impairment at 65 is low, but by 85 the chance of cognitive impairment can be substantial. For single seniors who don’t have children, or couple’s whose children live at a distance, they can feel vulnerable without support as they age. If staying in your home is important to you, you may still have concerns about safety, getting around, or other activities of daily life. Our highly skilled professionals can help to find resources to make daily life easier and safer. We work with you to create evolving short and long-term care plans and find the services you need and that meet with your budget while considering financial goals. Want more information on retiring ahead?  Click here to download a helpful article about planning the right time for seniors to move that has a quote from our managing director, Patricia Hanson.
iKor Life Management for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities

Individuals most often come to us for help with one or more of the following activities:

  • Medical or Disability Advocacy, Medication, Health & Wellness and Disability, Medical Power of Attorney
  • Planning for Dignity to address Care concerns in pre-retirement planning 
  • Psychosocial and Cognitive Support and oversight
  • Financial- Daily Money Management/Routine Bill Payment, Durable Power of Attorney 
  • Environmental Areas, Housing, Home Maintenance, Safety, Mobility and Modifications
  • Legal- Supporting your own personal Attorney in legal areas
  • Crisis Intervention or Hospital Discharge Planning
  • Aging in Place with a Plan 

How we work depends on how you are functioning in your environment. If we’re not helping someone plan for the future, our process usually begins with an assessment to understand the individual’s situation. We need to understand the level of functioning and the client’s current support network, as well as their medical needs, their current medications, and providers. The assessment process involves interviewing the individual, gathering relevant medical records, developing an individualized action plan, and discussing the options with anyone involved in the care.

Through our assessment process, a Life Management Advocacy Plan (LMAP) is developed based on individual circumstances. We have several assessment tools that we use based on the individual’s unique needs, and we continue to assess the essential needs as we support the individual’s ongoing circumstance. The Life Management Advocacy Plan (LMAP) is updated at least yearly and evolves a consultation with the client, family and other professionals who are involved with the client as the situation develops. From routine bill pay to helping you plan for long term care and safety, our services have brought immeasurable peace of mind to individuals throughout the region.

IKOR's Aging Life Care Managers help individuals through a Life Management Advocacy Plan and Bill Pay Services image

When you work with us, you can expect:

A professional trusted and reliable presence — We work to support your best interest, build trust, inter-connection, and instill confidence by being a reliable presence in good times and in hard times.

Confidentiality We work to earn your trust. We recognize that we are involved in the most intimate details of your life. We go out of our way to ensure your confidentiality and privacy.

Innovation focused on results Often care related service providers focus on how they’ve always done it. Many providers want you to fit into the way they operate. Unfortunately, their way doesn’t always meet clients’ needs or expectations. Our IKOR of Western Pennsylvania team is known for creating results through innovation in our work and in our programs. We adjust our services to your personal situation and needs so that we can fit you.

Organizational and personal accountability — We strive to create a work culture that is transparent and accountable to you, your family, and our referral sources. Through our web-based Datikor 2.0 system, our invoices, notes, and conversations are specific, detailed, and focused on transparency.

Collaboration We work to leverage collective genius among our team and yours. We work to create teamwork among all stakeholders and to mediate conflicts.

Commitment to your best interest — We support a fiduciary level of care. We work in unison with any other people that you designate while always keeping your best interests our top priority.

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