As a trusted advisor to seniors, individuals with disabilities, and their families, eventually, most professionals reach a point when they recognize they are at the limit of their expertise. Many professionals are aware of some of the care-related programs offered where they live, but understanding all the government and private programs, and navigating these complex areas for your clients individual circumstances can be time-consuming and confusing. Medical and Care related areas have a significant impact on our aging clients’ legal and financial situation. Eventually, when professionals reach a point where they feel overwhelmed and at the limit of their expertise, they tend to pull back on supporting their clients in these critical areas of their life.

Legal, Financial and Medical Professionals turn to IKOR of Western Pennsylvania for our expertise. We can be eyes and ears or to support family members when care and routine living concerns are not being addressed adequately. We also support those who do not have family members to support them.

We keep up with the best practices in medical care, coordinating with all medical, psychiatric, and therapeutic modalities. We have established relationships with most private duty medical and home care providers. We understand Medicare, Medicaid and waiver programs. We are well versed in local care related resources, keeping up with local, and state governmental programs and local living communities.

We closely follow changes in FINRA rules as it relates to vulnerable adults and the Seniors Safe Act for financial exploitation. We are seasoned in the allowable expenditures of Special Needs Trusts and we work with many local Trust and Wealth Management Organizations to support the care and routine living concerns of their clients. 

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Professionals most often come to us for help with one or more of the following areas of care related to a client that they support:

  • Support with Medical or Disability Advocacy, Medication Management, Health & Wellness concerns. We are experts at supporting Special Needs Trust care and expenditures. We support Trust Beneficiary’s with support  with complex medical and mental health or disability concerns.
  • Coordination of Caregivers in the home or Care Providers living in the home
  • Crisis Intervention or Hospital Discharge Planning and execution
  • Suspected undue influence or abuse
  • Help with Coordination of Waiver Services and Programs
  • Caregiver Agreements and Lease Agreement Support for those living in Trust Owned Property with oversight
  • Recommendations for safety, home modification or automobile purchases
  • Proposals for large purchases for Trust Own Properties
  • Level of care recommendations
  • Quality of care recommendations
  • An unbiased third-party review of a situation
  • Yearly assessments for Care and Routine Living Concerns of Vulnerable Adults 
  • Planning and support for Children with Special Needs
  • Oversite of care and routine living concerns
  • Life Care Plans, Cost Utilization, and Cost Projections for Care 
  • Cognitive Assessment, Support, Treatment, and Oversight
  • Visits to Care Communities to address quality of care
  • Financial – Daily Money Management/Routine Bill Payment, or Durable Power of Attorney 
  • Environmental areas, housing, home maintenance, safety, mobility and modifications
Legal, Financial and Medical Professionals turn to IKOR of Western Pennsylvania for our expertise image

When you work with us, you can expect:

A professional trusted and reliable presence — We work to support our shared client’s best interest. We aim to build trust, interconnection, and confidence by being a reliable presence in good times and in hard times.

Confidentiality We work to earn our client’s trust. We recognize that we are involved in the most intimate details of our client’s lives. We go out of our way to ensure your client’s confidentiality, and that their privacy is maintained.

Innovation focused on results — Often care related services focus on how they’ve always done it. Many providers want the client to fit into the way they operate, but that doesn’t always meet the client’s needs or expectations. Our IKOR of Western Pennsylvania team is known for creating results through innovation in our work and in our programs.

Organizational and personal accountability — We strive to create a work culture that is transparent and accountable to our clients, their families, and our referral sources. Through our web-based Datikor 2.0 system, our invoices, notes, and conversations are specific, detailed, and focused on transparency.

Collaboration — We work to leverage collective genius among our team and yours. We work to create teamwork among all stakeholders and to mediate conflicts.

Commitment to our client’s best Interest We support a fiduciary level of care. We work in unison with others while always keeping our client’s best interests our top priority.

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