IKOR has a team of professional who advocate for seniors and provides life care management in the aging in place process.
Patricia Hanson (MS, LPC, NCC) Managing Director
Michael Hanson (JD, NCG, CSA) Managing Director
Mary Ann Thacik (RN, MSN) Director of Medical Advocacy

Amy Benedetti (BS, PCHA)
Director of Client Services

Noel Saccameno (RN)
Director of Operations

MaryAnn McDonough (RN)
Certified Nurse Life Care Planner

Deborah Moses (MS, CSA)
Financial Advocate

Nancy Rupert (BS)
Financial Advocate

Jessica Parsons (BS)
Operations Coordinator/Concierge

Amy Gamble
Mental Health Advocate

Larry Enright (MBA, CSA)
Director of Finance

Paula McKinley (BSN, RN, CMM, CDMS, CNLCP)
Certified Nurse Fuente Care Planner

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