I, Patty Hanson, am the managing director and co-owner of IKOR of Western Pennsylvania. I am also a qualified professional counselor and an aging life care professional.  The solutions for dignity programs are a brand of assistance programs for older citizens and disabled persons that I have developed. Since 2011, I’ve been in charge of a team of registered nurses who work as patient advocates, personal needs coordinators, and financial advocates to help elders, disabled individuals, and kids with special needs navigate and receive the advocacy services they need.

I have no doubt that the COVID-19 epidemic has affected everyone in one way or another. And the difficulties that it has posed globally are very devastating. As an advocate for our clients, I’m most disturbed by the numerous news reports that highlight elder care facilities and our clients who have been affected by the pandemic — seniors at danger, families unable to see and touch their loved ones, and seniors dying alone.

Our staff, our customers, those who work and reside in our elder care facilities, as well as those who live at home, have all been negatively impacted by the pandemic. It is challenging for families to give the care that was offered by our schools for special needs children who lack access to crucial support programs or who have gone online. It has also been challenging for disabled persons who live alone or in communal settings without access to the help they require.

The extreme case of COVID-19 demonstrated how crucial it is to be present while spending time with family members. It is crucial to consider what we can take away from this tragedy in order to properly plan for providing important care for our loved ones in a respectful and caring manner. The foundation of my course has been serving our clients by supporting caregivers with innovative solutions since 2011.

Despite the fact that nobody could have prevented the effects of COVID-19, we have learned a lot that will enable us to assist our clients even better. For seniors to maintain the highest quality of life, our proactive efforts to avert crises are crucial.

What resources are available to help your loved ones? Our life care management services and programs can assist you or a loved one in navigating medical changes while reducing anxiety and stress. Our RN advocates are uniquely qualified to manage medication, coordinate hospital discharge and rehabilitation needs, assess needs for safety and quality of life, and coordinate care and medical visits.

We also provide assistance with environmental concerns and emotional well-being. The IKOR life care management team is a significant advocate for treatment in medical, psychological, environmental, and routine financial sectors.

Support may be provided through setting up budgets, paying bills, or serving as a guardian or power of attorney. It has never been more important to be ready for a crisis than it has been recently. Having resources readily available to quickly meet needs that may not be easily handled is where we can help, even though occurrences with such huge impact happen hopefully once in a lifetime. 

Our registered nurse advocates and personal needs coordinators can offer in-person help through the solutions for dignity safety net program. We offer technology that enables remote assistance for individuals we deal with by monitoring and connecting our team members, designated family members, professionals, and carers through a touchscreen tablet.

If you have questions about how IKOR Life Care Management Team or the solutions for dignity safety net program can support your loved one, call our office today toll free at 855-456-7972, or check out our website at www.ikorofwpa.com.