One of the things that I talk to our team members about quite regularly is the importance of purpose. 

In our role as advocates for seniors, adults with disabilities and children’s with special needs, we find that our clients can struggle with finding purpose. Throughout our lives, we switch in and out of different roles. Along with each of those roles, there is an associated sense of purpose and connection with life. 

As parents, our purpose is to guide and coach our children into adulthood. In our professional lives, we have a job to fulfill a role within an organization. But once the kids have grown, and we’ve retired or a disability keeps us from working a job like we did before, people can often struggle with “what’s next for me?” or “what is my purpose?” 

At IKOR, we provide Life Care Management and advocacy support for helping our clients. I’ve seen it again, and again – the importance purpose plays in every phase of life.

When we meet with our clients for the first time, we’re often brought in to support a crisis that is happening in their lives and it can be quite complicated. It can be medical, psychosocial, environmental, or financial. It’s often a combination of any of these areas. 

We can find that someone has fallen prey to unscrupulous people or organizations. They can have a medical event that limits their mobility, someone can be spending money they don’t have on things they don’t need, or they can be using drugs or alcohol as a way to pass the time. 

They can be depressed or feel isolated, or their circle of friends may be shrinking, and they are shying away from social situations. Sometimes well meaning family members go into situations and make swift and abrupt changes in the lives of their loved one in crisis. 

But often we find that the root of what caused the crisis is really lack of purpose, meaning and connection to other people. We help our clients develop a support system and social connections, along with a mechanism to involve them in meaningful engagements that are in line with their interests. 

Through our life care management team of professionals, we work with the client to facilitate interactions with others. Possibly investigating a class or group participation activity, establishing new rituals like attending events of interest with a life enhancement specialist to help re energize and initiate something for them to anticipate and look forward to. 

Whether it’s supporting a disabled young adult and accessing employment, or a senior in connecting with new friends or programs to create a sense of purpose and meaning. We have found that many complicated concerns can be resolved by working with our clients to find purposeful activities that transform their mental state and their outlook that improves their quality of life.

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