When seniors are having difficulty in areas they were previously able to manage on their own, they tend to evolve through five phases: independence, interdependence, dependency, crisis management, and end of life. 

During the independent self sufficient stage, seniors can generally handle pretty much all of their own needs and affairs on their own, including transportation, finance, and regular activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living. 

Unfortunately, as we age, declines in our health, both physically and mentally challenge our ability to perform day to day tasks. Simple tasks, like paying bills, and managing home maintenance can become a concern. 

So when is the best time to get support to plan accordingly for the future? 

As a provider of life care management services and advocacy support for helping seniors, adults with disabilities, and children with special needs, we often get calls from family with concerns for their loved ones well being. 

Below are some of the signs that you might want to consider hiring a life care professional.

  • You notice that your loved one is overwhelmed with the tasks such as caring for their house, managing bills, or coordinating healthcare services.
  • You have a loved one that lives alone with no family or friends nearby to check on and support them.
  • They’re trying to manage multiple ongoing medical conditions.
  • They seem to be emotionally stressed, or fearful.
  • They’re recently widowed or struggling with being alone.
  • You have a concern about their ability to age safely at home.
  • You’re concerned that someone may be trying to take advantage of them financially, physically, or emotionally.
  • You notice that they’re challenged regarding their insurance benefits and asking for help on billing matters.
  • They consider or should they consider a change of a living arrangement.
  • Overall, you’ve seen changes in their behavior, or their weight that’s really given you a cause for concern. 

If the above questions have given you reason to pause regarding your loved ones current state, IKOR can help. We know how difficult it is to see your loved ones decline. We also know how challenging it can be to support a family member through this type of situation. 

We want to help you preserve your loved ones dignity as they age. Please do not hesitate to call us toll free at 855-456-7972 or visit our website at www.ikorofwpa.com to review our expansive list of services and resources that could help you address your loved ones needs now.