Avoiding crisis in senior and disability care

I am Patty Hanson, IKOR of Western Pennsylvania’s managing director and co-owner. I am also a qualified professional counselor and an aging life care expert. The solutions for dignity programs are a brand of support programs for the elderly and disabled that I created. 

Since 2011, I’ve led a team of registered nurses that serve as patient advocates, personal needs coordinators, and financial advocates to assist elderly, disabled individuals, and children with special needs in navigating and receiving the advocacy services they need.

Without a question, everyone has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in some manner. And the problems it has caused on a worldwide scale are quite damaging. The countless news stories that include elder care facilities and our clients who have been impacted by the pandemic — seniors in danger, families unable to see and touch their loved ones, and seniors dying alone — worry me the most as an advocate for our clients.

The pandemic has had an adverse effect on everyone, including our employees, clients, people who work and live in our elder care facilities, as well as those who live at home. For children with special needs who don’t have access to vital support services or who have gone online, it may be difficult for families to provide the care that was provided by our schools. It has also been difficult for disabled individuals who live alone or in shared housing and lack access to the assistance they need.

The severe COVID-19 instance illustrated how important it is to be present while spending time with family. It is essential to think about what we can learn from this tragedy in order to properly prepare for providing our loved ones with necessary care in a respectful and loving manner. Since 2011, the focus of my course has been helping our clients by providing caregivers with creative solutions.

Despite the fact that no one could have predicted the effects of COVID-19, we have learned a lot that will allow us to better help our clients. We must be proactive in preventing crises if we want seniors to maintain the maximum quality of life.

What tools are available to support your loved ones? With the help of our life care management services and programs, you or a loved one may navigate medical changes while feeling less stressed and anxious. Our RN advocates have the expertise to manage medication, plan hospital discharge and rehabilitation requirements, evaluate needs for safety and quality of life, and arrange care and medical appointments.

We also aid with environmental concerns and emotional well-being. The IKOR life care management team is an outspoken supporter of treatment in the medical, psychological, environmental, and regular financial sectors.

Assistance may be given through creating budgets, paying bills, or acting as a guardian or power of attorney. It has never been more crucial to be prepared for a crisis than it is now. Having resources readily accessible to immediately address needs that may not be easily managed is where we can assist, even if incidences with such major impact occur just once in a lifetime.

Under the solutions for dignity safety net program, our registered nurse advocates and personal needs coordinators may provide in-person assistance. We provide technology that allows us to provide remote support to those we serve by monitoring and connecting our team members, designated family members, professionals, and caregivers through a touchscreen tablet.

If you have questions about how IKOR Life Care Management Team or the solutions for dignity safety net program can support your loved one, call our office today toll free at 855-456-7972, or check out our website at www.ikorofwpa.com.