The idea of dignity encompasses far more than how we appear or how others perceive us. It is a thread of optimism that grows within each of us. It is something that we must remember every day. Dignity necessitates self-worth, self-esteem, self-love, self-appreciation, self-care, and self-assurance. The concept of dignity is unclear and open to interpretation.

The concept of dignity varies between cultures, communities, and even people. As a result, each person’s definition of dignity and aging will be unique. People have their own distinct ways of leaving a legacy, most of which is unconscious.

What defines dignity for me may not be the same for you, and vice versa. Some define dignity as a sense of independence and being treated with respect. Others may have a sense of being appreciated and taken seriously.

IKOR provides Life Care, management, and advocacy services to elders, disabled individuals, and children with special needs. We focus on knowing our clients’ perspectives on dignity as part of our job. We make it our mission to understand their wishes and aspirations, and to assist them in continuing to enjoy a rich and complete life.

Independence is frequently associated with a person’s dignity and identity. As individuals age and their health circumstances worsen, so does a person’s capacity to complete things they have always liked. The sense that life is worth living can wane, and chronic diseases and medical crises that are not constantly monitored pose the greatest danger of losing one’s dignity. 

In order to help seniors take the time to consider how they want to live in the future when changes in their present health occur, I created the solutions for dignity program after years of being asked to assist in crises when dignity had already been greatly diminished or lost.

When working with them is part of their plans, we analyze what has made them who they are today. As part of the program, we assist seniors who are still living independently while aging and the options for their care, while also assisting them in communicating their legacy, which includes not only a financial legacy, but also a personal legacy and the knowledge that they wish to impart on those who remain.

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