Dignity and independence as you age

Dignity is about so much more than how we look or how other people see us. Worth, regard, love, admiration, care, and confidence in one’s own abilities are all essential to living with dignity. It is difficult to pin down what exactly constitutes dignity.

The idea of dignity differs throughout cultures, societies, and even individuals. Each individual will define dignity and aging differently as a result. People each leave their own unique legacy in many ways, most of which are unintentional.

It’s possible that how you and I define dignity will differ. For some people, having a feeling of independence and receiving respect are what defines dignity. Other people may have a sense of feeling valued and taken seriously by others.

IKOR offers elderly, people with disabilities, and kids with special needs life care, management, and advocacy services. As part of our work, we concentrate on learning about our client’s views on dignity. Our goal is to comprehend their desires and objectives and to help them live complete and fulfilling lives going forward.

Independence is commonly linked to one’s dignity and identity. A person’s ability to accomplish tasks they have always enjoyed decreases as they become older and their health conditions get worse. The belief that life is worthwhile may diminish, and the biggest risk of losing one’s dignity comes from chronic illnesses and medical emergencies that are not regularly monitored. 

After years of being called to aid in emergencies when dignity had already been significantly damaged or lost, I developed the solutions for dignity program to encourage seniors to take the time to think about how they want to live in the future when changes in their current health arise.

When working with them is a part of their goals, we examine what has shaped them into the people they are now. We help seniors who are still living independently as they age and the options for their care as part of the program. We also help them communicate their legacy, which includes not only a financial legacy but also a personal legacy and the knowledge they wish to pass on to those who remain.

If you’re interested in learning about the solutions for dignity planning for dignity program for yourself or your loved one, please call our office toll free at 855-456-7972 or visit our website at www.ikorofwpa.com