IKOR is a life management company. Our staff helps elderly, people with disabilities, and families of children with special needs as they navigate some of daily life’s most challenging situations. We evaluate, arrange, and coordinate treatment based on a wide range of needs.

“I was lucky growing up to have close relationships with my grandparents and great grandparents, and to live close to relatives.  Through these relationships, I developed a strong affinity for seniors and those with disabilities.” – Patricia Hanson, IKOR of Western Pennsylvania co-owner and managing director.

Since founding our local IKOR office in 2011, we have built a team of highly competent and caring experts who work together to fight for our customers’ best interests. While this was once referred to as Geriatric Care Management, the industry has evolved to what is now known as aging life care professionals, reflecting a more holistic approach to the care of all people.

Our registered nurse advocates are uniquely qualified to serve as patient advocates; coordinating care, attending doctor’s appointments, managing medications, conducting a wide range of health and safety screenings, and vetting local senior communities and home health care providers across a wide range of needs.

Wellness is more than a state of good health, as we at IKOR are aware. When it comes to house modifications, we collaborate with our clients to determine what is needed. We’ll take care of many things, including bill payment, mail management, and insurance troubles. We can assist a family power of attorney who resides nearby or far away, but we can also serve as an independent and objective power of attorney. In some circumstances, we’ll act as conservator or guardian.

We take care of everything your adult children would take care of if they lived next door and had expertise as a social worker, a senior advisor, a registered nurse, a mental health professional, and a highly skilled fiduciary advisor. It requires a collective effort. IKOR life management services provide you access to a team of dependable experts from various fields.

With the aim of producing greater results, our proactive approach gives you the help you need both now and in the future. Call our office at 855-456-7972 to find out more about how IKOR can assist. Call us at our toll-free number or go to www.ikorofwpa.com to learn more.