Hi, my name is Patty Hanson. I am an aged life care professional, a certified professional counselor, the managing director and co-owner of IKOR of Western Pennsylvania.  I’ve also developed a line of programs for seniors and adults with disabilities known as the solutions for dignity programs. Since 2011, I’ve led a team of registered nurse patient advocates, personal needs coordinators, and financial advocates in navigating and supporting the life management and advocacy requirements of elders, persons with disabilities, and children with special needs.

I am convinced that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone. And the issues it has posed all across the globe have been disastrous. As an advocate for our clients, I’m most disturbed by the many news reports of elder care facilities and our clients who have been affected by the pandemic – seniors at danger, families unable to see and touch their loved ones, and seniors dying alone.

While the effect of COVID-19 was tragically beyond anyone’s control, there is a great lot we’ve learned that allows us to better assist our customers. Our proactive approach to avoiding crises is critical in assisting elders in maintaining the highest possible quality of life.

What resources are accessible to you and your loved ones? Our life care management programs and services may help you or a loved one in navigating health transitions while reducing worry and frustration. Our registered nurse advocates are particularly skilled in coordinating care and medical visits, managing medications, hospital discharge, and rehabilitation needs, and assessing needs for safety and quality of life.

We can help by making budgets, paying bills, or serving as a guardian or power of attorney. Being prepared for a crisis has never been more important than in the previous few months. While such tragedies are ideally rare in a lifetime, having resources ready to quickly address needs that may not be easily handled is where we can assist.

Our registered nurse advocates and personal needs coordinators may give in-person help via the solutions for dignity safety net program. We offer technology to remotely help individuals we work with by monitoring and connecting our team members, designated family members, professionals, and carers through a touchscreen tablet.

If you have any questions about how the IKOR Life Care Management Team or the Solutions for Dignity Safety Net Program may help your loved one, please contact us at 855-456-7972 or visit our website at www.ikorofwpa.com.