One of the topics I frequently discuss with our team members is the significance of purpose.

As advocates for elders, persons with disabilities, and children with special needs, we frequently encounter clients who struggle to find meaning, or purpose in their lives. We rotate between numerous roles throughout our lives. Each of those roles is related with a sense of purpose and connection to life.

Our role as parents is to guide and educate our children as they grow into adults. In our working life, we have a task to do in order to fulfill a role inside an organization. However, once the children are grown and we have retired or a condition prevents us from working as we once did, folks frequently struggle with “what’s next for me?” or “what is my purpose?”

IKOR provides Life Care Management and advocacy support to our customers. I’ve witnessed how important purpose is in every stage of life time and time again.

When we initially meet with our clients, we are frequently called in to assist with a crisis in their life, which may be extremely challenging. It might be medical, psychosocial, environmental, or financial in nature. It is frequently a mix of any of these factors.

We may discover that someone has fallen victim to dishonest individuals or organizations. They might be suffering from a physical condition that limits their movement, someone could be spending money they don’t have on items they don’t need, or they could be using drugs or alcohol to pass the time.

They might be unhappy or lonely, or their circle of friends could be narrowing and they are avoiding social situations. Sometimes well-meaning family members enter situations and make drastic adjustments in the lives of their loved ones who are in distress.

However, we frequently discover that the core cause of the crisis is a loss of purpose, meaning, and connection to others. We assist our clients in developing a support system and social ties, as well as a method to engage them in meaningful engagements that are relevant to their interests.

We work with the client to promote interactions with others through our life care management team of professionals. Exploring a class or group activity, creating new routines, such as going to interesting events with a life improvement professional, may help them feel re-energized and begin something to expect and look forward to.

Whether it’s assisting a disabled young adult in obtaining a job, or assisting a senior in making new friends, or programs that provide a sense of purpose and meaning. We’ve discovered that many concerns may be resolved by collaborating with our clients to choose meaningful activities that affect their mental state and outlook, therefore improving their quality of life.

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