When seniors have difficulties in areas they were previously able to handle on their own, they often go through five phases: independence, interdependence, dependency, crisis management, and end-of-life.

During the independent self-sufficient stage, seniors can typically take care of almost all of their own needs and affairs, including transportation, finances, and routine and instrumental activities of daily living.

Unfortunately, as we get older, our health begins to deteriorate, both physically and mentally, posing a challenge to our capacity to do daily chores. Simple duties such as paying bills and keeping up with house maintenance may become a source of concern.

So, when is the ideal moment to get assistance in order to make informed decisions about the future?

We often get calls from families concerned about their loved ones’ well-being as a provider of life care management services and advocacy support for elders, persons with disabilities, and children with special needs.

Some of the signs that you should consider hiring a life care specialist are listed below.

  • You see that your loved one is overwhelmed with responsibilities such as housekeeping, bill paying, and healthcare coordination.
  • You have a loved one who lives alone and has no relatives or friends to check on them or provide assistance.
  • They’re trying to handle a number of ongoing medical conditions.
  • They seem to be emotionally stressed, or fearful.
  • They’re recently widowed or struggling with being alone.
  • You’re concerned about their ability to age at home safely.
  • You’re worried that someone is attempting to take advantage of them financially, physically, or emotionally.
  • You see that they have questions about their insurance benefits and want help with billing issues.
  • They are thinking about changing their living situation.
  • Overall, you’ve seen changes in their behavior or weight that have caused you to be concerned.

IKOR can assist you if the above questions have caused you to pause about your loved one’s present situation. We know how difficult it is to see your loved ones decline. We also understand how difficult it may be to support a family member in this situation.

We want to help you preserve your loved ones’ dignity as they age. Please do not hesitate to call us toll free at 855-456-7972 or visit our website at www.ikorofwpa.com to review our expansive list of services and resources that could help you address your loved ones needs now.