Navigating the complex systems of care for aging individuals or those with disabilities can be overwhelming and time-consuming. As a trustee, financial or wealth consultant, or expert in estate planning or elder law, you understand the importance of addressing your client’s legal and financial concerns. However, when it comes to addressing aging or disability issues, it can be challenging.

That’s where IKOR of Western Pennsylvania comes in. We are the top provider of life care management services and advocacy help in southwestern Pennsylvania for seniors, people with disabilities, and kids with special needs. Our team of highly skilled and compassionate professionals work together to advocate for our clients’ best interests. We also have expertise in handling serious injuries and mental illness.

Our organization is well-versed in various regional and state programs that offer a range of support to the communities we serve. This includes financial, medical, psychological, and environmental aid. We understand the importance of programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and long-term care insurance.

In addition to the specialized services you provide, we bring a comprehensive understanding of the daily challenges faced by disadvantaged individuals. We recognize the various types and levels of care your clients require, as well as the options available to improve their quality of life.

To ensure the best possible outcomes, we conduct thorough written evaluations to assess each person’s individual needs. Throughout the process, we meticulously document best practices to uphold dignity and enhance the quality of life for individuals we serve throughout their lives.

Here are a few signs that you need to get in touch with IKOR life management so we can help you support and navigate your client’s best interests.

  1. Your client or their family is expressing feelings of frustration or being overwhelmed with tasks such as caring for their house, managing bills, or coordinating health care services. 
  2. Your client lives alone with no family or friends to support them. 
  3. Your client is managing multiple ongoing medical conditions. 
  4. Your client appears to be emotionally stressed, confused, or they’re not dressing appropriately for the weather or the season. 
  5. Your client has been recently widowed, or is seeking your help in non financial areas. 
  6. When your client doesn’t have you come to their home for your meetings, this is a big red flag, you should question if they can age safely in their home. 
  7. If you notice or are concerned that your client may be taken advantage of and at risk for predatory activity. 
  8. When your client is challenged regarding their insurance benefits and is asking for help with Medicare, Medicaid or any billing matter. 
  9. When your client is considering or should be considering a change in the living arrangement. 
  10. Overall, you’ve noticed a change in your client’s behavior or they mentioned a cognitive concern. 

If this list has caused you to pause regarding anyone that you’re working to support, IKOR can help. Please give us a call toll free at 855-456-7972 or check out our website at