elderly people holding hands

When encountering challenges that were once easily managed independently, seniors commonly progress through five distinct stages: independence, interdependence, dependency, crisis management, and end of life.

Initially, seniors enjoy autonomy and self-sufficiency, handling a wide range of needs and responsibilities, including transportation, financial matters, and routine daily tasks, along with essential activities of daily living.

However, as individuals age, physical and mental health issues may arise, posing obstacles to completing daily tasks. Simple duties such as bill payment and household maintenance can become challenging.

So, when is the optimal time to seek professional assistance for successful future planning?

As providers of life care management services and advocacy support for seniors, disabled individuals, and children with special needs, we routinely receive inquiries from concerned families.

Several warning signals suggest it may be appropriate to engage a life care professional:

  • Observing that a loved one is overwhelmed with tasks such as home upkeep, bill payment, or medical arrangements.
  • Having a senior family member living alone, without nearby relatives or friends to provide assistance or check in on them.
  • Managing multiple ongoing health issues.
  • Exhibiting signs of emotional stress or anxiety.
  • Coping with recent widowhood or experiencing feelings of loneliness.
  • You are uncertain about them aging in place safely at home.
  • You are concerned about potential psychological, physical, or financial exploitation.
  • Difficulty understanding insurance benefits and needing help with billing-related matters.
  • Considering a change in living situation.
  • Noticing changes in behavior or weight that raise concerns.

IKOR is available to assist if you’re worried about a loved one’s current well-being. We understand the challenges of witnessing a decline in a family member’s health and the complexities of providing care in such circumstances.We are dedicated to helping aging individuals maintain their pride and independence for as long as possible. Please reach out to us toll-free at 855-456-7972 or visit www.ikorofwpa.com to learn more about the wide range of programs and resources we offer to support your loved ones’ immediate needs.