Dignity and independence as you age

The concept of dignity is much more than what we look like or how others see us. It’s a web of positivity that develops inside each of us. It’s something that we must be mindful of every single day. Dignity requires self worth, self esteem, self love, self appreciation, self care and self confidence. Dignity is ambiguous and open to interpretation. 

The definition of dignity varies between different cultures, societies, and even among individuals. As a result, the way each person defines dignity and aging is going to be individualized. People have their own unique ways of creating their legacy, and much of it is unconscious. 

What defines dignity for me, might not matter to you and vice versa. For some, dignity is a feeling of independence and being treated with respect. For others, it may be a feeling of being valued and taken seriously by others. 

At IKOR, we provide Life Care, management and advocacy support to seniors, adults with disability and children with special needs. As part of our work, we focus on learning our client’s vision of dignity. We make it our job to understand their desires, their goals, and help them to continue to live a rich and full life. 

A person’s dignity and identity are most often tied to their independence. As advancing age and health conditions cause them to diminish, a person’s ability to follow through on tasks they have always enjoyed diminishes as well. The feeling that life is worth living can fade, chronic conditions and medical crises that are not closely monitored create the biggest risk to losing dignity. 

After years of being called to assist in a crisis that had already evolved into a situation where dignity had been significantly minimized or lost, I sat down and developed the solutions for dignity program to help seniors take time to think about how they want to live going forward when changes in their current health happens. 

We consider what has made them what they are to date, when working with them is part of their plans. As part of the program, we help to educate seniors who are still living independently while aging and the options for their care while at the same time helping them communicate their legacy and not just financial, but a personal legacy and the knowledge that they want to impart on those who remain. 

If you’re interested in learning about the solutions for dignity planning for dignity program for yourself or your loved one, please call our office toll free at 855-456-7972 or visit our website at www.ikorofwpa.com