happy seniors playing chess

We see that some of our clients struggle to find purpose in life in our role as advocates for elderly, persons with disabilities, and kids with special needs. Our lives are a series of transitions into and out of various roles. Each of those positions has a feeling of connectedness to life and a purpose that go along with it.

Our role as parents is to mentor and educate our kids as they grow into adults. We have a responsibility to carry out a role in an organization in our professional lives. People often question “what’s next for me” or “what is my purpose” once the kids have grown up, we’ve retired, or a condition prevents us from working a job like we once did.

IKOR offers life care management and support for advocacy to help our clients. I continue to see the significance that purpose plays in every stage of life.

When we initially meet with a client, we are frequently called upon to help them through a complex crisis that is going on in their lives. It could be a financial, environmental, psychosocial, or medical issue. It is frequently a mix of any of these areas.

We can discover when someone has been taken advantage of by dishonest people or businesses. They can experience a physical condition that makes it difficult for them to move around, someone might be spending money they don’t have on items they don’t need, or they might be using drugs or alcohol to pass the time.

They may avoid social interactions because they are afraid of being judged or because they feel lonely or unhappy. Sometimes well-intentioned family members intervene in crisis circumstances and make quick, drastic changes to the life of their loved ones.

But frequently, we discover that the absence of a sense of meaning, purpose, and connection to others is what truly led to the crisis. We assist our clients in creating a support network, as well as a way to get them involved in activities that are relevant to their interests.

We help the customer facilitate social interactions by utilizing our experienced life care management team. Investigating a class or group activity, creating new routines, such as going to interesting events with a life improvement professional, may help them feel reenergized and establish something for them to anticipate and look forward to.

Whether it’s helping a disabled young adult find work, helping an elderly person make new acquaintances, or helping them connect with programs that give them a sense of direction and significance. Working with our clients to choose meaningful activities that transform their mental state and attitude and enhance their quality of life has shown to be a successful strategy for dealing with a variety of complex issues.

If you’re interested in learning about IKOR services for yourself or a loved one, you can contact us toll free at 855-456-7972 or visit our website at www.ikorofwpa.com.