IKOR of Western Pennsylvania

Planning for and supporting the Life Care Management and Daily Money Management needs of seniors, individuals with disabilities, and children with special needs throughout Western Pennsylvania since 2011.

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boy (7-10) with down syndrome in a classroom


IKOR of Western Pennsylvania



Since 2011, IKOR of Western Pennsylvania has been helping individuals, families, and professionals throughout Western Pennsylvania manage the complexities of life. As experienced life care managers, we are experts at navigating life’s transitions and advocating for our client’s needs. We possess a thorough understanding of the local and national resources available to help seniors and individuals with disabilities live a full life. Our team of highly skilled professional advocates provides expert and unbiased recommendations to achieve optimal wellness and improve coordination of care, while providing cost-effective, non-duplicative service.

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When my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I wanted to understand what he needed and what I could do. Through IKOR of Western Pennsylvania’s assessment, they found the place that could meet all of my dad’s physical and psychological needs. And you helped me as well. They educated me in the disease process, and gave me some instruction on how to communicate with him to make the time we had left have greater meaning.

A high school friend told me about Patty at IKOR. I was terribly overwhelmed. Patty came to see me the same day. I joined their Safety Net program. She got me in touch with a home care provider, an attorney, and someone to cut the grass at the same meeting. The next day she had a Registered Nurse meet me at the hospital to check on Mom’s status and to come up with a plan. She had their Financial Advocate come out and go through her bills with me and guided me on how to quickly get their finances under control as I worked through getting a Power of Attorney through her contacts. Within 4 days I had the situation in a manageable place.

I hired IKOR of Western Pennsylvania back in 2010 and have not had one moment of regret. They have been phenomenal in terms of insight, care and assistance for my highly autistic brother and his special needs wife.

What an experienced team of people IKOR of Western Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh has. Their services are more than I could have imagined. I live a distance from my parents, my parents are resisting the support at the moment. They don’t think they need additional support, but when the going gets rough they will be my first call.