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“IKOR is a logical endeavor for Patty; it is truly a calling for her and is intrinsic to her belief in a person’s dignity.”

“My experience with IKOR stems from knowing Patty as a committed health care professional. Over the years our paths have crossed as I now work as a trustee to help individuals with disabilities and their families plan for the future. In my work I encounter clients with a variety of medical, mental and physical challenges. Their needs require more intensive day-to-day support and frankly not within my area of expertise. IKOR can provide that expertise acting as an advocate and “boots on the ground” to address a crisis or handle a difficult medical transition. Navigating the system and identifying issues for our beneficiaries that we may not be aware of is a key benefit. And more importantly IKOR can take of that issue promptly.

As part of our efforts, often our families may need an independent resource to evaluate their loved one and provide valuable insights. IKOR can provide a perspective to the family through a baseline assessment and identify things that may make the difference in the quality of life of their family member. IKOR serves as a valuable partner in evaluation and in turn providing a recommendation for the client that is unique to their needs. Their “out of the box” thinking in collaboration with the family, the physician and our team, often result in creative suggestions. Some examples include restoring some of the “normalcies “and natural supports to a person’s life such as engaging in a book club for peer support or finding their favorite music to listen, which may seem to be simple activities, but could have an immense impact.

 IKOR has a wide range of roles they can play in the care of our clients. If needed they can serve as a Power of Attorney or Guardian or focus primarily as a medical advocate for the client. IKOR provides a foundation for a client’s medical care handling everything from accompanying clients to doctor’s visits, identifying, and raising medication issues, as well as transitioning them through the long-term care process. Core to that effort is building a trusting relationship with the client through honest and caring conversations and interactions.

 IKOR is a logical endeavor for Patty; it is truly a calling for her and is intrinsic to her belief in a person’s dignity. I would most definitely recommend IKOR to families as well as my peers for consideration to provide the support that is outside the realm of a trustee’s, fiduciary, or legal professional talents. IKOR’s ability to manage these important issues is a valuable resource for the industry and ultimately your client’s well-being.”

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